Benefits of Celebrating Individual Achievement in the Workplace

Benefits of Celebrating Individual Achievement in the Workplace

Trophies, awards, plaques, and certificates that celebrate individual achievement in the workplace, even if they don’t come with financial gain, are a win-win when it comes to both employee and employer. For the former, being recognized by your peers for achievement in your chosen field not only feels good but also provides solid validation that your day-to-day efforts are indeed making a difference and adding value to your profession. For the latter, it means a wave of good morale and accompanying production will always follow when a trusted employee is recognized for his or her service. Perhaps, if any given employee strives hard enough, he too will be rewarded similarly. 

Take the medical profession, for instance. It not only takes years and years of schooling and the expense that goes with it, but the hours are long, and the rewards are not always many. However, that can change when a medical practice recognizes its medical staff for their hard work and unique contributions. 

Poses the pros at EDCO.COM, why is it important to give out medical awards for doctors? The importance of recognizing healthcare and medical professionals for their unrelenting, indeed selfless contributions to healing their fellow man cannot be overstated. Medical staff tirelessly work around the clock to take care of sick and ailing people. Now’s the time to celebrate not only their sacrifices but also their hard work.  

That said, what are some of the real benefits of celebrating individual achievement in any given workplace? According to a recent report by The Harvard Business Review, studies and research point to the fact that helping employees feel more supported and valued is important not only for those individual employee’s well-being but for the business or organization as a whole. 

Research demonstrates that workers are more satisfied with their company when they are more productive and don’t have their minds focused on looking for another job. The studies are also said to prove that empowering and recognizing employees can increase performance and motivation across the entire organization.   

Enter employee awards. When these awards are geared towards an employee’s unique and specific contributions to the workplace, they can be an effective tool for keeping the entire workforce happy. That said, here are some important factors for employers and managers to keep in mind when giving out awards for individual achievement in the workplace:   

The Award Messenger

According to the Harvard Business Review, one of the most important considerations when presenting an individual worker with an award is who is presenting the award. Employers should honestly assess their organization and decide if the beneficiaries of an employee’s hard work are prioritizing their appreciation.  

This holds especially true for remote workers, who can often feel isolated and underappreciated by their superiors. Awards can serve to keep socially motivated workers more motivated and productive. This is good for a company’s bottom line. 

Award Timing

Employers and managers must consider when the distribution of individual awards makes the most sense and has the most beneficial effect on the entire organization. For instance, when will the award make the biggest impact on the company? 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, daily workflows were said to be unpredictable and stressful, which made recognition of an employee’s good work daily all the more meaningful and important. Keep in mind, however, that daily feedback can be overkill and end up feeling repetitive and forced. That’s why it’s important to pick and choose the right times to pass on recognition to deserving workers. 

Recognition when the workers need it most is what your overall goal is. You’re looking for the most bang for your buck, so to speak.  

Make the Awards a Public Spectacle

Calling an employee into your corner office and recognizing them for a job well done is a positive thing, but it only goes so far in terms of boosting an organization’s morale. But awarding an employee or employees with trophies or certificates during a meeting or a public function is said to boost the morale of all the workers, including those who haven’t been singled out for an award—singled out yet, that is.  

During a recent field experiment conducted by an organization, thank you cards were awarded publicly to the three top performers who worked alongside others in small teams or groups. Researchers discovered that because of the thank you cards, performance increased not only from the top performers receiving the recognition but all the members of the group. This is said to be due to a specific sense of pride being instilled in the team. Witnessing a fellow team member receives an achievement award is thought to compel other members to up their own game and perhaps be recognized one day.   

On the other hand, sometimes this type of singling out of one employee in a small team of employees can harbor some resentment, especially when other workers feel they have worked harder or are more talented and, therefore, deserving than the recipient. 

In the end, celebrating individual achievement in the workplace goes a long way toward boosting company morale and production. Naturally, there will be a few disgruntled workers who will feel passed over. But generally speaking, they will be in the minority. 

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